The Perfect Wedding


There are three things that make me happy as a wedding photographer: a tidy bridal suite, a venue with good lighting and a happy, beautiful bride.  This wedding had it all.  Stephanie and Kenny have been together for 8 years and have a 6 year old daughter together.  Their daughter, Kelsey, was so hilarious.  As far as she was concerned this was her wedding.  So precocious.  So fiery.  I feel for you guys when she is a teenager.   Did I mention Stephanie was a photographers dream bride?  She is always smiling…and not just a smile that shows your teeth.  When she smiles, she oozes happiness.  And Kenny is a crackup.  Definitely not shy of the spotlight…I wonder where Kelsey got her personality? 😉  The chemistry between these two is tangible.  I see a lot of laughs and fun times in their future.