Wedding Photography in Sonoma County, Occidental, Bay Area

Words can’t describe how beautiful this whole wedding was.  It was held at Ocean Song Farm in Occidental.  The gardens, the views, everything about is was absolutely stunning.  It was a perfect place to host John and Sarah’s wedding…more like a picnic/music/good food and beer festival!  It was awesome.  They had lawn games for you to play, live music, excellent beers on tap, a taco bar, and a PIE bar!!! Yes, I said pie bar.  Who needs cake when you can have homemade pie?!?!  Seriously, can you guys plan my next party?  On a more sentimental side…they are truly in love.  Watching their “first look” was so special…I’m telling you guys…I always pinch myself because I feel so lucky and honored to get to witness these once-in-a-lifetime moments.  So back to the first look…I’m facing John and his back is turned from Sarah, he hears her walk up and I can see his eyes start to fill with tears…he even put his hand on his heart, overwhelmed with anticipation and joy because he was about to see his bride.  I can’t believe this is my job…I feel so blessed.  Thank you John and Sarah for trusting me to capture your day…I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.