Indian Wedding Photography at Vinter’s Inn in Santa Rosa, CA

Sameer and Juliana’s wedding was my last for 2013 and it couldn’t have been more perfect…my grand finale for the year.  If Kate Middleton was an adjective…that is how I would describe Juliana.  She was so beautiful, gracious, elegant and humble.  It’s rare to find that combination, but when you do, you feel like you’re around royalty.  I told my assistant (aka. my mom :), that I felt like I was around the First Lady.  And Sameer was her prince, equally as gracious and humble.  Just good people.  On a side note…doesn’t Sameer remind you of Enrique Iglesias?  One day, I hope to travel to India and photograph a wedding there.  I just love how the women adorn themselves.  I felt truly honored and humbled that you chose me to capture your wedding day Juliana and Sameer.  All the best.





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