Micah and Christianne’s Wedding

A handsome groom, a radiant bride, both thoroughly in love, a picturesque setting, and perfect light…a photographer’s dream wedding.  The ceremony was in the middle of a vineyard, surrounded by redwoods with the perfect breeze on a hot day.   As a wedding photographer, I get to witness all kinds of ceremonies but theirs was special to me.  They reminded me of my husband and I when we were married…young, “extra” alive, and bubbling over with vision.  Almost three kids later, I can get lost in the day to day and forget how blessed I am.  Seeing Micah and Christianne as we were almost 7 years ago took me back to our wedding day…so in love I felt I could fly.  Okay, I’m getting sappy.  But if you were there, you’d get it too.  It was a special ceremony…made me feel 23 again.  I sincerely wish you both all the adventure and happiness in the world.