Wedding Photography in Sonoma, Bay Area


Scott and Kirstyn were married at The Depot Hotel in Sonoma in front of their family and friends.  I loved the feeling of the night…because it was a small group…everything was so personal and relaxed.  It was perfect.  It felt like everyone was able to relax, connect and laugh together.  It spoke of who Kirstyn and Scott are together.  Kirstyn actually put her hair up in a ponytail at the end of the night.  I have never seen a bride do that.  Although it was a simple thing…it told me a lot to me about who they are…not too concerned with the look of everything…but putting more importance on the feeling and being in the moment.

I’ve seen many weddings now…and I’d say maybe 1 out of 10 smash the cake in their spouse’s face.  I can usually tell if a couple will do it to each other too.  Scott’s was a complete surprise…he’s such a gentleman…but  now I know…he has an obvious mischievous side.  Kirstyn’s expression was priceless, because you can tell she was not expecting it either.  It was pretty funny.

There are sometimes moments in weddings where I am tearing up behind the camera…I had one of those at their wedding.  When Scott’s mom walked him down the aisle…she started to cry.  I see myself in her shoes one day.  I can’t imagine the emotions I will have on my children’s wedding day.  But I think it will be a mixture of pride, overwhelming love and gratitude.  But for now, I hope time goes by really, really slow.  From what I hear, it doesn’t.




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